Ruggedized and High Reliability Manufacturing Support for Demanding Environments

Mack understands that the needs of the energy industry are unique even to the commercial sector. With products that need to operate for decades without fail in harsh environments, energy products require a manufacturing partner with a focus and commitment to high quality and high reliability.  Mack Technologies has extensive experience supporting products for the energy sector and, over years of manufacturing, has developed significant capabilities specifically to support the unique requirements of this market.  Whether being installed into the power grid, oil and gas pipelines, or drilling platforms, Mack's manufacturing processes support building products with the highest reliability and quality requirements.  

Mack supports the entire product life cycle for energy products from development to volume production and aftermarket support.  During the prototype and pilot production stages Mack's engineering teams are experts in identifying opportunities to make products more reliable and repeatable during manufacturing.  

In addition, our test engineering teams have experience with energy products and work with customers to achieve high coverage and safe test strategies that ensure high product quality for production in manufacturing environments.  Our team of supply chain professionals has forged long-term relationships with suppliers that cater to the energy market.  These relationships enable Mack to work with our customer base to select the optimal resources for critical items that are needed for energy products (custom magnetics, high voltage components, high copper PCBs, etc.) in order to obtain the highest quality and the lowest total cost.   
Energy Expertise
  • Highly complex PCBA, electro-mechanical assembly, and test
  • Focus on high quality and reliability
  • Support for ruggedized products and harsh environments
  • Flexible manufacturing partner for rapid demand response
  • Advanced equipment and engineering support
  • Knowledgeable support for regulatory requirements
  • Experienced supply chain expertise for energy products
  • Proactive obsolescence materials management
Certifications and Capabilities
  • ISO 9001
  • UL / CSA / TUV / CCC / FM Global audit support
  • IPC-A-610 Class II and Class III
  • Automated conformal coating
  • Automated potting
  • High voltage testing and development
  • Environmental testing
  • Direct fulfillment to end user installation sites
  • X-ray validation for reliability and quality (barrel fill, bottom terminated components etc.)

Please contact us to learn how Mack can assist your company to manufacture and test products for the energy sector.