Design For Test

Mack Technologies uses a combination of test design software and test engineering expertise to evaluate various test and inspection strategies. This established DFT process allows Mack to verify that test access is being designed into the product so that testing can occur on the assembly at the prototype and production stages of the product lifecycle.  The end result of Mack's DFT process is higher test coverage, lower testing costs, and higher quality products. 

Mack analyzes customer design information and makes recommendations on options to improve test accessibility without compromising product functionality or cost.  Early involvement using Mack's DFT process leads to high test coverage designed into the product, eliminating potential redesigns and accelerating our customers' time to market for production volumes.

         Input                                                        Output

Once test strategies are implemented, we can monitor the effectiveness of the test process through our Manufacturing Execution Software (MES). Using these tools, we monitor first pass yield and cumulative yields in real time and optimize test strategy deployments to minimize test coverage overlaps, test times, and product escapes while maximizing yields. In addition, Mack can further optimize strategies using actual customer Defects per Million Opportunities (DPMO) data gathered by our proprietary MES system. The information generated allows Mack Technologies to pinpoint test effectiveness, lower capital investment, and improve the performance of test and inspection equipment.