Design for Supply Chain

Along with the expertise of our procurement team, Mack uses a specialized database of over 150 million parts to manage component lifecycle and mitigate supply chain risk.  Because the database information is maintained in real time by the component manufacturers, communication is seamless and highly accurate.  Mack uses this database to assist with supply chain and design planning as well as life cycle management.

At the design phase, Mack is
able to analyze new bills of materials for supply chain reviews to proactively address obsolete, not recommended for new design, and other components that pose a supply chain risk.  This detailed analysis helps Mack optimize product life cycle and extend product life for our customers. 

Throughout the product life cycle Mack is able to proactively alert customers before components become obsolete or reach end of life, require a last time buy, or have a diminishing supply.  This information allows Mack to generate and communicate real time updates and part change notifications from component vendors.  Mack will also assist in recommending and validating proposed alternate parts for cost and availability.

Mack's procurement teams work with our customers' initial design files to review component selection and propose lower cost equivalent parts to help drive material costs lower on new designs before production begins.