Design for Excellence (DFx)

Mack focuses on identifying opportunities for design, supply chain, reliability, and cost improvements at every phase of a program using our design for excellence (DFx) processes.  Our processes are based on an innovative set of specialized IT infrastructure and software services that are common to all of our global manufacturing locations.  This unique toolset, paired with extensive team experience, allows Mack to support the entire spectrum of design for excellence services, including:

Design for Manufacturability
Design for Supply Chain 
Design for Test 

New product introduction efforts are led by the Program Manager and are executed by functional teams within each business cell to maximize effective and immediate responsiveness.  Each business cell is focused on adhering to compressed schedules and reacting to multiple changes during the product launch process. The tenets of our new product introduction process are applied to all products that Mack builds.

Our materials and engineering teams then work closely with our customers and suppliers to ensure aggressive prototype launch timelines are met. Capital equipment in place at Mack, such as flying probe, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and X-ray inspection, helps reduce upfront tooling costs for small production builds and keeps prototype costs low.

Mack’s internal quality controls are structured to ensure prototypes reach customers free of defects.  By eliminating costly debug time at the customer site, engineering groups can maximize the time they have to prove out the design and functionality of the product.

After the prototype build is complete, Mack engineers develop a comprehensive post-build report that identifies any opportunities to improve the design, reliability, and manufacturability of the product with an emphasis on reducing production costs for future builds.

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