Communications and Networking

Configurable Responsiveness for Complex Products

Our global operations are optimized to support the highly complex assembly and test operations that are required to produce sophisticated communications and networking products.  Mack's highly flexible organization is nimble enough to accelerate our customer's time-to-market goals even with rapid and dynamic design and volume evolutions.  Mack continually invests in the newest leading edge equipment and software to offer our customers advanced solutions that provide a competitive advantage in their markets.  

Mack's sophisticated planning organization works with communications customers to develop systems that aim to maximize flexibility while also minimizing risks to delivery requirements or excess materials.  A relentless focus on continual material cost reduction and operational efficiency keeps our customers competitive throughout the entire life cycle of each product.   
Networking and Communications Expertise
  • Highly complex PCBA, full system assembly, and test
  • Focus on high mix and low to medium volume production
  • Flexible manufacturing partner for rapid demand response
  • Advanced equipment and engineering support
  • Experienced supply chain planning for flexible demand environments
  • Logistics implementation (kanban, order fulfillment, etc.)
  • Proactive obsolescence materials management
Certifications and Capabilities
  • ISO9001
  • UL / CSA / TUV / CCC audit support
  • IPC-A-610 Class II and Class III
  • Automated conformal coating
  • Automated potting
  • Full electrical and functional test development
  • Environmental testing

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